Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cooliris: A cool media center


I hate the phrase, "It's like <Blank> on steroids," but Cooliris seems like everything on steroids...

Anyway, this addon can be downloaded on IE, Firefox or Flock, and it just sucks all the multimedia out of the internet and makes it nice and handy for your viewing pleasure.

Why is it like Youtube on steroids? Imagine having 100 videos on one page just waiting for you to click on them and view them.

Right here, I am viewing all the movie trailers I could imagine. Once it's over, I just press the right arrow button, and it takes me right to the next video on my list.

It is so simple and easy to use that as soon as you download it, you're moving like an internet all-star.

You can also get news reports from here.

The search feature on this site is awesome as well. I am putting in a search for the Nintendo DS, and fortunately I have three worthy options for what to search.

The first feature I am searching is just Google Images.

This is great for getting pictures if I'm doing some sort of project where I need pictures. Next I searched Nintendo DS using the shopping search.When i did this I got a listing of the item, it's price, a picture of the product, and a customer rating for the product. Now when I click on the actual item I get a description of the product with a link to the store that has the item.

Lastly, I searched for Nintendo DS using the Channels feature. This enables me to get any media for the DS whether it be pictures, video, or articles.

Anything that you are looking for can be found with Cooliris. The only concern I have so far is that the search can be a little tricky. I looked up WWE wrestler Chris Jericho using Channels, and I got mostly articles on R&B singer Chris Brown. When I did the search again on Google Images I got all Chris Jericho pictures. I'm sure that is a small bug that can be fixed.

Other features with Cooliris allow you to take pictures from any website and have them all displayed on one screen. You can also do the same with all of the pictures on your hard drive.

It's kind of funny actually. When I first added Cooliris, I thought it was great that I could put all my pictures on one display page, but through writing this article, that is the least of this great programs powers. Once again, give it a try. It's like multimedia...on performance enhancing sensory perception.
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