Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Buzz

Google is at it again with the newest add-on to their email service, Buzz. Buzz, like the Flock browser is all about super powering your social networking experience. It allows you connect your Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and anything else you can imagine to your gmail. The attempt is to come up with a more streamlined social experience.

Besides just integrating all of your favorite social sites, Buzz seems to be trying to take traffic away from these sites as you can add all of your gmail contacts to your buzz. You can also, send status messages, comment on them, as well as upload pictures and video directly from Buzz.

If Buzz catches steam, there is interest over what happens to Google Wave, which was supposed to replace gmail. While Wave is still in the testing stage, Google has yet to really show people why they need to use Wave over just plain email. Overall Buzz is the nice new treat in the Google suite, but I have a feeling Yahoo or some other company has the same product. Unfortunately Google has it now, and that's the only brand many people care about.

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