Monday, February 19, 2018


Linux+ has been my hardest class at school so far even though it only feels hard when I get into the certification exam.

I have failed in 3 times. That can hurt. The worst part is, you have to wait 2 week to take the test again after the second attempt. My first attempt I got a 340 out of 500. Second attempt was 370, and 3rd attempt was a 480. No one has direct proof, but it is expected that each question is worth 10 points so I may have failed by 2 questions.

In the world of IT, you cannot get frustrated by failure. I know people that failed the test twice. I know people that failed their CCNA R & S 4 times before passing but passed both Linux exams on the first try. I really enjoy Linux and would like to do more with it one day. For now, I'll just be happy passing my exam on Friday. 4th time's a charm.

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