Friday, May 30, 2014

Applying My Studying

No posts this week, but I have still been plugging away. As I have said a billion times, my A+ certification probably will not help me a ton at my job. I have been successful there for years with just winging it and learning as I go. Sometimes, knowing too much is a detriment at my job because you try to do more work than required. I am not saying that working too hard at my job is bad, it's just that when you go "out of scope" it lessens your efficiency for doing the actual job that is requested of you.

I am also finding out that I feel like a lot of the stuff I am learning is more of a vocabulary test instead of a learning how to do things. I understand, that I am still in the beginning of my training and we may be setting the table for deeper learning later. I also understand that A+ certification is just an introduction, so this might be all that is required. I will follow up on that in a few weeks as I keep studying.

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