Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Reader and how I use it.

This Youtube video give a brief description of how to use Google Reader, a popular RSS, site. I can't say enough about Google Reader. It saves me so much time because instead of going to a billion websites everyday I can just go to my Google Reader and decide from there what to read. Another benefit of Google Reader is that I have a billion fun websites that I visit, and since I don't bookmark them, I forget about them forever. With Google Reader and Flock you can just click on the RSS button right next to the address bar and it will prompt you to add your page to Google Reader.

Some people have concerns about adding too much stuff to your Google Reader. My opinion is that there is never too much. If you organize all of your subscriptions into nice and neat folders, you will never have to worry about feeling cluttered.

Now I can just read my feed with all items included or I can click on individual topics.
Overall if you're overstimulated and need 20 things going at once, Google Reader is something that you should have been using 2 years ago. It's a time saver and a half, and easy to use.
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