Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Next Big Timekiller

Don't you hate when it's 1AM and instead of going to bed, you're searching the internet for fun things to do. Don't you hate when instead of doing fun things on the internet, you are looking and failing, thus making your night even more pointless. Let's be honest, procrastinating is a personality trait, so if you're going to procrastinate and waste time, you might as well enjoy it. StumbleUpon keeps that in mind by providing a random website based off a listing of your criteria. After making a username and giving all the appropriate information, you are then allowed to chose from a list of interests that will help decide which sites you are sent.

After that is taken care of the magic begins. All you do is just keep clicking on the "Stumble" button until you find something you like. It's a lot of fun. I found this really fun websites that allows you to create chords on a guitar and see how it would sound if you strum it. I also found a website that has a listing of free online books to read. That has to come in handy during these tough economic times.

Other features include a toolbar which I declined to download since I had the way they clutter your web browser. You can also share articles via email, make new friends or connect with current friends. This has some social networking opportunities because you can see everyone's favorite sites, and are given a compatibility rating. Since I am new it is too early to tell, but it's a great way to find people with similar interests.

So far I like what I see as this site is required for anyone who loves all of the knowledge and entertainment that the internet can bring. After all, It's free.
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Anonymous said...

You need to quit playing and give us your views on Ubuntu. I kicked Vista to the curb and tried it and I like it, but you're the free tech guy, so get to it.